The Electrical Clearing House of Louisville, Inc. (ECHL) was founded in 1912.  Since that time, ECHL has been focused on:
ECHL - Louisville, KY

  • Promoting the professional improvement of its members
  • Encouraging fellowship between members of the electrical industry
  • Promote the education of its members in the art and/or installation of electrical services
  • The enactment of laws and licenses in order to prevent the destruction of life and property regarding the utilization of electricity.

The ECHL has been approved by the State to be an Electrical Licensing Training Provider in Kentucky for:

  • Electrician Licensing
  • Master Electrician Licensing
  • Electrical Contractor Licensing

The ECHL's monthly meetings, during the months of September through May each year, provide 1 and ½ hours of continuing education on the National Electric Code, which can be credited toward the 6 hours necessary to renew the Electrician and Master Electrician License. Attending 4 meetings a years fulfills the 6 hours required. The ECHL also sponsors a Contractor Class to address its Electrical Contractor License holders, by providing 6 hours of Business Related training once a year.

ECHL serves as a liaison for the electrical industry to the following agencies:

  • Metro Government
  • State Government
  • LG & E
  • IAEI
  • IEC
  • IBEW

Electrical Contractors Classes - Louisville, KYECHL works with these agencies on a wide range of issues including permits and standards for the industry. To learn more about important information in these areas, be sure to check out our newsletters and our ECHL News section of the web site.

To learn more about ECHL, be sure to check out our web site.  If you have a question or need help, give us a call at (502) 627-3362 or e-mail us at Marilyn.boudreaux@lge-ku.com


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